Jack’s New Home

Here is a picture of Pepper and Jack.  Yes we will probably change his name but we haven’t decided yet.  He is a very sweet cat.  Left him in the family room by himself when we wernt around till our daughter left for her Europe business school trip.  So he took over Pepper’s tree.  This didn’t set well at first.  They have been working out there differences. It looks like Pepper will be the ruler.  They have been playing together yesterday and today and looks like all is working out.  They now seem to share the tree.  Both cats ignore the dogs and the dogs ignore the cats.  Pepper will rub on the dogs at times and has chased them to play.  Jack at first but when you got him out of hiding didn’t try to get away.  He does’nt seem to hide now so all looks as will work out fine.  He is a very good cat.

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