How to Adopt

Our cats are in temporary loving foster homes until they can be adopted into permanent, loving homes.

We may also have cats and kittens in foster homes which are not yet posted on our adoption sites, so please keep checking these sites or let us know what you are interested in adopting.

View cats online at Petfinder and Facebook

Adoption Process

Once you have seen a cat online or through social media, the adoption process begins. We will work with you to make sure that there is the correct match between adopter and pet. We want to make sure that you are committed to and able to provide a life-long home for the cat you are interested in.

Adoption Application

The first step in the adoption process is to complete an Adoption Application. You can download an Adoption Application. Things you will need to be prepared to include are the name and number of your current veterinarian, and the name and number of your landlord, if applicable. Please submit your completed application to and include a note about which cat/kitten you are interested in. One of our volunteers will likely give you a call to talk more about your household, family and experience with pet ownership.

While it’s an ongoing joke that cats are solitary, aloof and stand-offish, research shows that cats, especially kittens, need companionship and stimulation. Kittens are often better socialized, friendlier and less likely to get into “trouble” if they have a buddy to burn excess energy with and learn from. Our volunteers will talk with you to make sure that your new pet(s) won’t be bored or lonely.

Once you have chatted with a volunteer and your application is approved, we will arrange the next steps, which include meeting your chosen new family member(s). Because we take the adoption process very seriously, we rarely do same-day adoptions. We want to ensure that you and your new cat experience as little stress as possible, so feel free to call us (303-532-5521) if you have any questions or need any help.

You can also visit our Resources page for online help with your new pet.

Adoption Cost

Our adoption fees are competitive. The standard cost is $100 for cats under 6 months and $60 for cats over 6 months of age. However, this can vary throughout the year and can depend on other factors such as demand, the cat’s age, or special circumstances. The adoption fees go directly to improving the welfare of our cats and help offset the cost of medical care, food, shelter, and supplies for those cats we rescue.

About Our Cats

  • All of our cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested for the FIV/FeLV viruses before they are eligible for adoption.
  • They also must be older than 2 months and 2 pounds before being adopted.
  • No cats will be adopted without meeting you and your family in person.


Interested in becoming a Foster Parent?

Becoming a foster parent is a life-changing experience. We are always looking for loving homes that can temporarily care for our cats until they can become adopted into permanent loving homes. Visit our Fostering page to learn more about becoming a foster parent.

If you’re interested in Fostering, please contact us at or call us at 303-532-5521 and leave us your name, number and that you would like to speak to us about Fostering.