Becoming a foster parent is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have as a volunteer. Fostering involves providing a safe a loving environment for your cat to heal, mature, and become socialized.

Are you?

Patient, nurturing, loving, good communicator, responsible, and adore animals.

What’s Involved?

Being a foster parent is a big commitment and takes a good amount of time each day, but the reward of helping a rescued cat find a loving home is worth the work. You should expect to:

  • provide all the necessities — food (wet and dry), water, treats, and grooming.
  • a separate room where your cat can feel safe and secure.
  • a big part of the socialization process is spending time with your cat and giving them toys to allow them to play on their own.
  • provide medical assistance (if required) such as administering medication.
  • transporting your cat for scheduled check-ups, vaccinations or required surgeries.
  • being flexible and available for potential adopters to meet your foster cat.

If you are interested in fostering or volunteering, please call us at 303-532-5521, leave us your name, number and that you would like to speak to us about fostering. You can also complete a volunteer/foster application and email it to

Are you Fostering a Scaredy Cat?

The first eight weeks of a kitten’s life are very important for socialization with people.  If these kittens are caught and socialized during this initial time in their lives, they can usually be tamed, but they still may be shy. It could also be that a kitten or cat was raised in a single environment and has not had to deal with adapting to different one. Regardless if the cat/kitten finds itself in new surroundings, it will take time for it to adapt.

Download  Tips on Training your Scaredy Cat.

Your Reward

By fostering you’re saving the lives of abandoned, unwanted, and injured cats.

Complete Socialization Guide

For a complete guide on socializing cats please visit,