A beautiful tuxedo cat lounges on a wood floor. He's surrounded by toys and his long bright white whiskers pop in contrast with his glossy black fur.
Hello whiskers!
A tuxedo cat with golden eyes sits on a gray chair. His white feet are carefully folded in front of him and he's looking at the camera with bright golden eyes.
Bo shows off his “spats”.

Bo was named after Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, because… look at those spats and that tux! He’s ready to take the stage.

He’s an independent 6-month-old who loves to play (especially with wand toys and his tunnels)! He’s not much of a cuddler, but he enjoys pets and attention, and wants to be with you and his friends, just maybe next to you on the couch rather than on your lap. And he absolutely adores snacks and treats.

Bo and his sister, Shirley, were found as feral cats when they were about two months old, so they both have a little hesitation when meeting new people. But Bo really showed his personality when he was readily exploring his new foster home in just a few days, meeting the resident cats, and learning every nook and cranny. His curious, brave and bright side really started to shine through.

Bo is up-to-date on vaccines and he’s neutered and microchipped. All he needs now is to find his forever family.

Please email for more information on this handsome boy.

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