A black cat with golden eyes sits on a blue rug. There's a gray cat just behind him and his well used cat scratcher sits in front of him.
Dandelion’s golden eyes are remarkable!
A beautiful black cat with golden eyes sits on a fuzzy gray blanket. He is very relaxed and his eyes are slightly closed.
I am a house panther!!!

Ever meet someone wise beyond their years? That’s Dandelion. He’s a handsome, short-haired black kitty. He is approximately 2 years old.

He was rescued with his siblings, hungry and scared. Since he’s been in his foster home, he’s learned to become a great house cat.

He is an old soul. He is gentle and loves the company of the resident cats. Once he trusts you, he will run straight to you for pets. He also loves his treats and playing with the laser toy. While he’s not playing with his family, he loves to observe all that’s going on.

He’s not a fan of being picked up; like all practical folks, he prefers to have all his paws on the ground. “Cats weren’t born with wings,” he likes to point out.

He will be happiest if he has a quiet room to start off with spending quality time with you while he gets his bearings. He will thrive in a home with a mellow cat buddy to hang out with, quiet older children and no dogs.

***Please email adopt@ForgottenFelinesDenver.org, or call the foster Laura at 808-344-6030 for more information on thoughtful gentleman.

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