Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty is doing great.  She has taken over the whole place.  She doesn’t have a shy hair on her and she is very affectionate and demanding.  She sits in the window to catch the morning sun and has a slew of admirers.  She does try to get out the door.  I am wondering if she misses you when she gets restless, so I usually just distract her into exercising. She doesn’t much care for dry food, but I only give her a TBS of can food twice a day, and she loves her furball treats which we make a game of.  She loves to play and run and climb so she is a fun cat.  Some day soon, though, she will have to learn to stay off the table and kitchen counters.  She likes being brushed…just loves being held and petted.  I mostly let her come to me, which she usually does on a hourly basis.   She now likes my electric chair and jumps up and sits in my lap for attention and when I am sleeping or showering, she claims the chair and I have to bodily remove her to get it back.  She is so smart.  Just a while ago, she came in my comp room and talked to me and took me to the fridge where I keep the can cat food and of course, I had to give her the nightly spoonful.  I know I sound like I’m bragging but I am only stating the facts.  Peppermint Patty is extremely smart.  She knows when it’s time to go to bed and she waits impatiently for me to finish computing, coming to get me until she succeeds and off we go.  She starts the night sleeping with me, but because of my arthritis I am a restless sleeper and before morning she goes to sleep in my electric chair which is next to my bed.  She wakes me up every morning by purring in my eyes.  LOL  When I take my afternoon nap, she sleeps with me or on me and under the covers with just her little head uncovered.  I could go on and on and on about her, but I am sure you already know all of this about her.  My approval for her still hasn’t come through, but the landlord said there shouldn’t be any problem but it more likely is just a matter of time.  Okay, little miss Pattykins has been in here to get me to bed twice in the last half hour, so I will just end this now and go read and pet the cat LOL.
Micki (Elaine)

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