A Forgotten Felines volunteer received a call last winter about an injured kitten that had been spotted. In talking with neighbors the volunteer learned that the kitten had gotten its leg caught in a chain link fence as she was scaling it, and her leg was severely broken. Observers remembered her cry of pain when it happened. After many, many attempts to trap her, she was finally rescued. Her broken and infected leg was removed, and she recuperated in a foster home. Then Benni, as she was named, began making the transition from a frightened young cat into one that purred when picked up. She learned to navigate around quite well on her remaining 3 legs, and didn’t hesitate when jumping up on her elevated cat condo/ scratching post. Then the quest began for a special human to adopt a special cat, and that someone was luckily found.

Benni now is in a wonderful home and loves her new human friends.

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