Puddy (Dennis)

Dennis looked quite old when he was rescued, sporting a tattered ear with more dirt than white on him.  He looked so bad that it was quite probable that he had feline leukemia or feline AIDS, and wanting to give him a chance at a good life, his neutering was postponed. He immediately adjusted to his foster home, and was quite happy in the bed that he had made for himself in the sink in a guest bathroom. He was very appreciative of having someone to care for him and having food provided without searching in dumpsters. A couple weeks later he was finally neutered, and was fortunately given a clean bill of health. Once he shed the dirt he had accumulated living on the street, he again looked his age of only 2 years. And then Dennis found a home.

From his adoptive family:

We are all doing great. Dennis is no longer Dennis. We call hi Puddy..Like Puddy Tat.
I think he really loves us as he has taken over the house. He is a very loving & talking cat.
It only took about 2 hrs. before Pepe & Puddy really go use to each other.  Did you know that Puddy knows how to talk to birds? Isn’t that funny? Yes, he sets in my living room bay window and chirps to the birds. I am going to take a video to prove that he really can do it. Thank you again for rescuing Puddy and allowing us to adopt him.

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