A small kitten braved the cold with a snowy storm on its way. Too sick to eat, it wasn’t interested in the traps set by a Forgotten Felines volunteer with tuna in order to rescue it. Then, luckily its mom showed up, was hungry and interested in the tuna, and went into the trap. The volunteer, seizing the moment, decided to use the mom as “bait” and set up a trap directly next to the trapped adult. The kitten went in the trap to get to its mom, and in doing so made its first big step to a better life.

Teebow was happy to be rescued and just purred and purred. After being force-fed baby food for a day, he then started eating on his own. A week later he had a cute round belly and doing what a kitten does best – playing. Teebow was one of the lucky ones, saved from a life on the streets and in a loving home.

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