Porter (Sunshine)

We wanted to thank you so much for rescuing and nurturing such a wonderful little guy–he has blossomed and is such a vital member of our “pack”!  We’ve renamed him Porter: Dark and mellow like our favorite beer, yet mischief occurs when he is around!

Remarkably, he seems to be having a “second kittenhood” and wants to play more than anything else, including eating!  He is eager to present us with the orange mouse first thing in the morning, and when Kevin comes home for lunch or we get home from work he runs to the front door to greet us and “leads” us to where the mouse is, ready for us to throw it.  He stalks it all day as he hides it under furniture, in shoes, and even in the houseplants.  Do you know where we can buy them??  I’ve looked everywhere, and it’s getting rather threadbare!  I’ve taken needle and thread to it to try to piece it back together.  He has dozens of other toys and ignores them all in favor of this one!

His latest trick is to play fetch, and bring it back to you!  He is very bright and alert, and shows no signs of wanting to get back outside.  We’ve built him perches in windows looking out over the back yard, and he carefully monitors the birds and squirrels out there.

I think that our favorite time with him is when he snuggles with us in the evening on the sofa.  His wonderful throaty purr always makes us laugh as it increases in intensity to the point where there are intermittent squeaks in there.  Even funnier is the fact that although he has a little bed to sleep in that is on our bed, he leaves it during the night to creep up towards Kevin, where I often wake up in the middle of the night to see Kevin’s arms around him!

October 2011 update

It’s been almost a year since Porter came to join us, and he has really enriched our lives!  He is becoming quite a snuggler, and I cherish the times when he cuddles in my arms in bed and turns to face me and “hug” me like he and Ginger used to do together!  He won’t pose for me right now, as he is currently taking his umpteenth bath this morning, but I’ll pass along a pic of him “watching TV” with Kevin!  So glad to be able to donate food, especially in honor of Porter and the way he was one of the first kitties to appear for food when you fed his colony.

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